We’ve answered some of the most common questions you might have about Camp Brave. If you still have questions after reading these FAQs please get in touch.

 The basics

How much will it cost? Check out all the pricing information

When and where is Camp Brave taking place? It’s taking place at Dalkeith Country Park near Edinburgh from 2-8 August 2020.

What’s included in the price? Access to an exclusive international camp for Guides, Rangers and Girl Scouts from all over the world where you’ll experience the best of what Scotland has to offer. Participants will make friends for life and take part in action-packed and exciting activities at this fully equipped and catered event. Every attendee will get a Camp Brave t-shirt and neckie. Adults may get the chance to take part in the activities on offer and our international visitors will enjoy a trip to our beautiful capital city, Edinburgh. There will also be a chill out zone on site just for them where they can spend time with other volunteers.

Who can come to Camp Brave? Guides, Girls Scouts, Rangers and volunteers. Girls and young women age 10-18 can come with their leader or on their own. There will be a Kids Club available for the children (aged 3-9) of volunteers and staff, and if a child is aged 2 and under they can come for free but parents will be responsible for supervising their children at all time.

What about Brownies? Brownies aged 8+ will also be able to join in the fun & adventure of #CampBrave! There’ll be more info available near the end of August so keep your eyes peeled. 

What’s going to be included in the programme? Keep an eye on the website for more information

Booking and paying

When will bookings open? Friday 22 February

How can I book? Head to our how to book section

Can we fundraise for Camp Brave? Of course! There are lots of creative ways to fundraise, from bake-sales to silent discos.

Is there funding available? There is no specific funding available for Camp Brave but there are lots of funding options you can explore and one might be right to support you or your unit. 

How many people can you take in one group? There’s not a maximum number of people per group but you can only book for 20 people at a time so you might need to make multiple bookings or get in touch for help.Groups of 10 or more will be hosted on more than one sub camp.

I’ve booked 20 Camp Brave spaces, will we be hosted on the same sub camp? In a bid to get girls to mix with new people large groups will be split up. For example, if you’ve booked around 13-20 places your group will most likely be put into two groups and hosted on different sub camps.

Can I reserve spaces? Camp Brave places are available on a first come, first served basis.

Practical questions

Do we have to bring a tent? No, you don’t need to provide a tent

What camping equipment should we take? Campers only need to take their own personal kit and bedding roll

What about transport and parking? Head to the how to get here section for more information.

Someone in my group has additional needs – how accessible is Camp Brave? We want Camp Brave to be a great event for everyone who attends. For some people that might mean we need to make some adjustments, these will be individual to that person’s needs. To make sure that we get it right for your group please get in touch directly so we can discuss your requirements.

However, please note that there will be a place to charge electric wheelchairs, there will be accessible toilets and showers available and those with additional support needs can bring their own tents if they need.

What facilities will be available on the site? There will be hot showers and toilets. We’ll be announcing more about the site in the coming months.

What should we wear? Campers should arrive in uniform. Every attendee will get a Camp Brave neckie and t-shirt and there will be lots of clothing available in our camp shop. Many of the activities will be outdoors so please bring suitable clothing and shoes for all weathers.  

Other questions

Can I volunteer at Camp Brave? Yes! We’re currently looking for more sub camp leaders and a Kids Club co-ordinator to come on board. Don’t forget, you can still sign up to attend as a participant with your Guides or Rangers!

Will there be a shop? There will be a shop on site selling Camp Brave and Girlguiding goodies.  

How do I get ready for Camp Brave? Check out Girlguiding’s guide to taking girls to a large scale event which has information on planning, travel, first aid and more. More information will be issued once you have booked and in the run up to the camp.

Can Camp Brave be used for element 4 of my Queen’s Guide award? Yes! You can apply to help out (as an adult volunteer or as a Ranger aged 16+) with the planning and delivery of the camp by getting involved with one of the volunteer teams.

Can Camp Brave be used for the residential part of my Queen’s Guide award? Yes! Just apply to be an adult volunteer, or as a Ranger aged 16+, and leave a comment about why you want to help out as you work towards gaining your award.

Can I apply to be a volunteer at Camp Brave as part of the residential part of my Duke of Edinburgh award? Yes! Just apply to be an adult volunteer, or as a Ranger aged 16+, and leave a comment about why you want to help out as you work towards gaining your award.

Where do I look out for more information? Keep checking the Camp Brave Facebook and Twitter as well as right here on the website for more information coming soon.