How many times can you enter? Only one entry per leader is permitted as there are limited spaces.

Who is this offer available to? Scottish Brownies units and there must be 8 Brownies and 2 leaders per entry (please remember Brownies must be aged 8+).

I have less than 8 Brownies, what should I do? We’d suggest approaching other Brownie units in your area and join up. Alternatively if you have more than 8 Brownies you could join up with a unit in your area who has less than 8 girls.

How long will Brownies be at the camp? For two nights from Thursday 6 August (around 10am approx) until Saturday 8 August, leaving at the same time as everyone else.

When do I need to enter by? You must enter yourself and your Brownies into the ballot by midnight on Wednesday 6 November.

How much does it cost? A £20 deposit needs to be paid per person within 28 days of being told you have secured places otherwise they’ll be reallocated. It costs £60 per Brownie and £40 for adult volunteers. Please note you’ve got until 1 March 2020 to pay the full balance.

How will the winning participants be picked? They’ll be picked at random from the ballot entries.

What do we need to take with us? You’ll need to take your own person camping kit and tents. This camp is catered so no need to bring food or cooking equipment. Your allocated sub camp will cater to your dietary requirements.

Check out the full list of Camp Brave FAQs for more info about our flagship international camp.